In-Home Dog Training

In-Home Dog Training

When it Comes to Dog Training In-Home is the VERY Best!

In-home training is the best choice for any dog suffering from crippling behavior problems such as aggression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and leash reactivity. These behaviors only serve to put strain on what should be a great relationship between you and your best friend. The good news? By The Bay Dog Training is the best, and we can get your dog’s behavior back on track with our in-home training option.

Why In-Home Training?

Group training programs can be quite effective for dogs with very mild behavior problems and those who only need a bit of basic obedience training. But there are a few things group training does not provide: a quiet, familiar setting in which your dog can focus; one-on-one attention from the trainer; and a customized training program suited to you and your dog’s needs and life.

Satellite training programs, or board-and-train programs, tend to be wholly ineffective because the owner is completely cut out of the equation. In order for a training program to stick, the owner has to be involved so the dog can learn to pay attention to the owner as well as the trainer. Training a dog away from the distractions and triggers that most often cause his/her poor behavior can also result in a relapse. Consequently, everyone is frustrated again: the dog is confused and now back to his/her’s anxious behavior, and the owner has wasted precious time and money on short-lived results.

Customized Training Programs

In-home training begins with an in-home consultation so our trainer can get to know you and your dog personally, allowing them to create the best program possible for your dog. Training takes place in the home, where you can remain involved in the training process and where your dog probably exhibits most of his/her behavioral problems. This also allows us to work at your dog’s pace so that he/she can learn what is expected of him/her prior to being thrust into a busy environment, teeming with distractions.

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palo alto in-home dog training

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