By The Bay Dog Training Offers Group Dog Training Classes:

Group Dog Training Classes

Upcoming Classes in the Bay Area:

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This class is open to any dog aged six months and older that does not exhibit signs of severe behavioral problems such as anxiety, aggression, and leash reactivity. Dogs facing these types of challenges are better suited to one of our in-home training programs. However, if your dog is older than six months of age and only needs light behavioral correction/basic obedience training, Practical Pet Protocol through By The Bay Dog Training may be the right program for you.

Practical Pet Protocol is different from other group training programs in that we work hard to set you up for permanent success by providing course materials, a knowledgeable and certified trainer, and the key to a strong human/canine relationship.

When you sign up for Practical Pet Protocol, you’re signing up for:

  • Basic obedience commands that stick (sit, down, stay, come, heel)
  • A stronger and positive relationship between you and your dog, one built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect
  • Time-tested training skills that you can confidently execute outside of the classroom for your dog and every dog that will ever come into your life
  • Real-world simulations to ensure the effectiveness and longevity of training (crowds, walks, etc.)
  • Course materials such as a 40+ page manual and mobile app designed to help you keep your pet’s training up to snuff between sessions

Practical Pet Protocol was designed by experienced canine professionals to provide the best group training lesson plan possible. The class is led by By The Bay Dog Trainer Pamela Hollister who has been training and working with dogs of all breeds and ages for several years. Normally Pamela works with the most serious cases such as human aggression, dog aggression, separation anxiety, etc. The training program Pamela uses has been proven to be successful for over 26 years! Pamela is so excited to be able to adjust this program to fit the needs of a group class setting!