By the Bay Dog Training FAQ’s

I’ve tried trainers before, but the techniques didn’t work. Why should I waste more money if my dog is just untrainable?

I promise your dog is not untrainable. And if you choose By The Bay Dog Training, you won’t be wasting your money at all. With me, you’ll be gaining a skilled trainer who knows exactly how to communicate effectively with your dog, and I’ll teach you how to do it, too! I an not the trainer with one trick up my sleeve, and if that doesn’t work, I simply give up or advise you to get rid of your best friend. I train according to a dog’s needs and personality, and the fact that I believe in commitment-based training means I’m yours until the job is done, period, without breaking the bank. I’m even available via phone and e-mail if you have any questions once the training is complete.

Am I in your service area?

I will usually travel 50 minutes to meet with clients in the Palo Alto area. If you aren’t sure that you’re in that radius, just give me a call. I may be able to help or recommend another trainer to you.

Do you train all breeds?

Absolutely. The problem is the behavior, not the breed. I accept any breed, size, age, or temperament.

How often will the trainer come to my home?

This answer varies on a case by case basis. Since we customize each program to fit the dog and each dog is different, that will depend on your unique program. I can tell you that I will come as often as necessary to make sure the training is effective and consistent, and I will be available to you via phone and e-mail between sessions and even after training is over.

I’ve had trainers tell me that my dog cannot be helped and it would be best to put him down because of his behavior. Will you ever suggest I euthanize my aggressive dog?

Absolutely not. Once we speak with the vet to rule out any physical ailments that may be causing the aggression, all that’s left is behavior modification. And if I can’t keep the most aggressive dogs in check with my training, I’m not doing my job. If the dog is clear physically and neurologically, and all we have to do is some aggression rehab, then there is hope! It will probably be a lot of work and require a lot of patience, but don’t ever let any trainer tell you your dog is a lost cause.

What are your training methods? Do you use treats or shock collars?

I don’t like to train with unpredictable equipment such as e-collars¬†collars, and I don’t like a dog’s behavior to rely on a reward. While I enjoy giving treats and may do so occasionally, my training methods rely on simply teaching your dog to make the right decision, rather than not learning and just constantly anticipating a biscuit. Through basic obedience training, proper leash handling techniques, and other effective methods, your dog will learn the behavioral boundaries in a safe environment. As a balanced dog trainer, I aim to build a trusting relationship between the owner and dog, and where the dog sees the owner as a leader, not a dominant alpha or a treat dispenser.

Are you certified?

Yes. I’ve completed my education with the Canine Trade Group School, which means I’ve spent over three hundred hours learning about training theory, training methods, canine history, and canine psychology, as well as practicing the knowledge in person with troubled rescue dogs. We are not certified until our teacher feels we are 100% capable of handling any behavioral challenge that comes our way.

How do I get in touch with you?

Give me a call at 650.447.0300 or send me an e-mail. I’ll be happy to answer any other questions or address any concerns you might have.