Aggressive Dog Training

By the Bay’s Aggressive Dog Training – CHANGE IS POSSIBLE!

Watching a dog that has has been a member of your family for years show aggression toward loved ones and/or other dogs can be heartbreaking. Reconsidering your decision to adopt a new pet because he/she is showing aggressive tendencies, when you never thought you’d be the type to return a dog to the shelter, is also painful.

But there is hope, and that hope does not lie in separating you from your dog. With a knowledgeable trainer from By The Bay Dog Training on your side, you can get your dog’s behavior back on track and rediscover that bond of trust and respect that should exist between a dog and his/her owner.

Customized, Commitment-Based Programs

Our aggressive dog training program is tailored to your dog’s specific needs but often encompasses a combination of basic obedience training, strict scheduling, elimination of roaming, time management, and proper leash handling techniques, among other methods. No matter your dog’s triggers, habits, or temperament, we can find an effective solution for you. We address all forms including:

  • Fear (human & dog)
  • Resource Guarding
  • Territorial/Protective
  • Dog on Dog (sibling)
  • Food
  • Leash

Why Is My Dog Aggressive?

Dogs act out for a number of different reasons. Fear, anxiety, will to dominate, loud noises, uncertainty around other pets/people, a past of poor socialization, leash reactivity, etc. could all play a role. By The Bay Dog Training will find the core of your dog’s aggression and change not only your dog’s behavior but also his/her way of thinking.

At By The Bay Dog Training, we teach your dog to make good decisions, and we teach you how to facilitate that. During your in-home consultation, we’ll discuss your training expectations, observe your dog’s behavior, and come up with a training plan that works for all parties involved.

aggressive dog training
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We CAN Help!

For more information, or to schedule your in-home consultation today, call By The Bay Dog Training. We’ll train any dog, no matter the age, size, breed, or temperament, and we’ll do it right the first time. We can be reached by phone at 650.447.0300 or through e-mail.


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