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No matter the behavioral challenges you and your dog might be facing, By The Bay Dog Training has a program that’s right for you.

Why In-home Training?

Our in-home training program is ideal for dogs exhibiting hyperactivity, anxiety, poor greeting behavior, poor leash behavior, excessive behaviors, failure to housebreak, poor listening skills, and a number of other moderate behavior problems. By The Bay Dog Training will use a combination of proven techniques such as proper leash handling, basic obedience training, place training, crate training (if desired), elimination of roaming, consistent scheduling, etc. to permanently resolve these issues.

Aggressive Dog? Change is Possible!

Our aggressive dog training program takes place within the home and is designed to help dogs dealing with any and all types of aggressive behavior. There are a number of reasons a dog may lash out, including but not limited to fear, anxiety, maternal instincts, and the will to dominate. Again, we’ll use our knowledge to design a plan suited to your lifestyle as well as your dog’s needs. We will rehabilitate your dog’s aggression problems, and bring both you and your dog to a calmer and more relaxed state.

New Puppy? Start off on the right paw..

Our in-home puppy training program can help owners of puppies aged sixteen weeks and younger deal with common puppy behavior problems such as housebreaking, separation anxiety, chewing, rough play, and crate training (if desired). This will prep your puppy to learn the essentials of becoming a happy, obedient dog!

All of the aforementioned programs begin with an in-home consultation, during which time the our trainer will come to your home and discuss your concerns in person, gather you and your dog’s background and history, and we will also as get a feel for your dog’s behavior and personality. Then, your trainer will design a program that will go into effect pending your approval.

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Give By The Bay Training a call today to make sure your dog’s training is all it can possibly be. Our number is 650.447.0300, and we can also be reached through e-mail.


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