By the Bay Dog Training-Testimonials

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Are you interested in learning how to properly train your dog or puppy? Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety, food aggression, bad manners, or another issue entirely? Give our dog trainer a call at 650.447.0300.

By the Bay Dog Training is a miracle worker! I was close to getting kicked out of my apartment complex because my poor dog, Champy, would not stop barking and crying every time I left to go to work. My landlord and my neighbors were at their wit’s end, and I knew I had to do something to help Champy and avoid eviction! I was stunned that at the FIRST lesson, Champy exhibited calmer behavior, like he was finally okay to be in his own skin! By the Bay created a structured program for me to follow where I could help Champy build his self-confidence and independence. What’s great is he’s still my loving baby, but NO more barking and separation anxiety! Champy is happy to be his own dog and we still have such a great relationship! By The Bay Dog Training is the best!

Martiza and Champy

When we adopted our dog Seely, she was not getting along with my other dog, Bailey. The second day in the home, Seely went after Bailey simply because Bailey walked near Seely’s food bowl! We had never dealt with a food aggressive dog before, and we knew in our hearts that we could not just give Seely back to the shelter. That’s when we called By The Bay Dog Training, who showed us the light! Through consistent structure and reward-based methods, we were able to lead both Seely and Bailey to a trusting relationship, and they now respect us as head of the pack. These sisters can now eat their food side by side without any anxiety or violence! Cheers to By The Bay Dog Training! You are a LIFESAVER!!!

The Carter Family

We were so excited when we rescued our dog, Ranger. He was loving, sweet as can be, and our two-year-old son adored him. However, we started getting concerned with Ranger’s constant pulling on the leash and his jumping on us and our guests. My husband Thom and I were hoping to have another child soon, but we could NOT go forward without getting Ranger’s hyperactivity under control. So we called By The Bay Dog Training for some help. Within minutes of meeting, I knew this would be perfect for us – kind, compassionate for both animals AND humans, clearly competent in their field, and a commitment-based philosophy! We’re almost done with training and we are so thrilled with the results! Ranger is behaving much better on walks, and is demonstrating excellent manners with the family and our guests! We could not have done it with you! Thank you!!!

Kathy, Thom, Hunter, and Ranger