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By The Bay Dog Training is the best full-service dog training company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our reward-based and commitment-based training program’s success rate is incomparable, where we provide deep compassion, open communication, and highly effective training techniques that leave a permanent, positive impact on our clients. We will help any dog suffering from any type of behavior problem. Aggression? Housebreaking? Pulling on the leash? Basic obedience training? We welcome any challenge because we are beyond confident in our unique skills.

Contact By The Bay Dog Training today. We are happy to help, no matter how challenging your canine pal’s situation may be. Call us at 650.447.0300 or send us an e-mail through the contact form below:


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What Sets Us Apart from Other Trainers?

By The Bay Dog Training is a member of the exclusive Canine Trade Group network of trainers this means we are qualified, certified, educated, experienced, and determined to make sure our education continues. We not only are a network of dog trainers, but also include renowned veterinarians and behaviorists in our team.

Our training programs include a puppy training program for pups aged sixteen weeks and younger, an aggressive dog training program, an in-home training program for any general behavioral problems, and even a group training solution for dogs in need of basic obedience training. Our motto is “decisions, not dominance,” which is where we give your dog the tools to succeed, to make the right decisions, and we give you the tools to help him/her achieve that level of excellence.

By The Bay Dog Training’s programs are commitment-based, which means we will be there for you until all of the training goals are met and even after, by phone or e-mail, to answer any questions or put any uncertainties to rest. We want to keep dogs and their families healthy and happy in every way so we see less dogs in shelters and more dogs in happy forever homes.

If you’re looking for a trainer that will stick by you without breaking the bank and/or leaving you with only short-term results, you’ll want to schedule an in-home consultation today!


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