Start Training Your Puppy Now!

Chewing up slippers, peeing in the house and excessive barking are all common behaviors found in puppies. It is important to train your new puppy right away before these bad behaviors become ingrained in your puppy’s behavior. I always recommend enrolling puppies into a training program when they are young even if they don’t exhibit any negative behaviors.

Start your puppy training with By the Bay Dog Training San Francisco Our puppy training program will teach your pup the basics as well as establishing boundaries in the house and in your relationship. We will work with you and your puppy to ensure that you both will have an enjoyable and healthy life together. My in-home dog training program will not only teach your dog basic commands, but we also help your dog become acclimated to his or her new environment, family and lifestyle.

All of our in-home training programs are customized to meet your dog’s specific training needs. Our commitment-based training is guaranteed to yield results. We will teach your dog basic commands and obedience. Once they master the basics we will then began to move on to more advanced training. We will also teach your puppy appropriate greeting behaviors, get them started on loose leash walking and introduce crate training.

Our in-home training is perfect for first time dog owners. You will learn how to integrate your new dog into your family and we will work with you to help make sure your dog is comfortable in their new home. Our trainer is also available in-between lessons and even after training has ended for continued support.

Don’t wait until your puppy reaches adulthood to begin training. Although, older dogs can also be trained, it is always easier to break bad habits and set boundaries before they become learned behaviors. Our friend and colleague, a dog trainer in Marion County also agrees that starting right away will prevent issues down the road!

To enroll your new puppy in our puppy training program, give us a call today at 650.447.0300.