Sibling Aggression – Can it Be Resolved?

The answer is yes! Here at By the Bay Dog Training we work with so many cases of sibling aggression. It is much more common than most people think. The good news is with proper training and leadership, sibling aggression can be fixed and everyone can live in peace and harmony.

We see sibling aggression cases with dogs that are not at all related, but it is also very common to see littermates suffer from sibling aggression. There are two main reason sibling aggression occur and they are lack of leadership and personalities clashing.

dogs in training for aggressionWhen you have two dominant personalities, it’s very likely you will see sibling aggression occur, simply because both dogs want to be the one in charge, or alpha as it is commonly known. However, the main reason dogs will fight in a home is due to lack of leadership. Let’s think about it, dogs descend from wolves, and we all know wolves are pack animals with a leader. When dogs lack leadership they begin to take things into their own paws and this is where problems occur.

The first thing we do when dealing with a sibling aggression case, is look at the dynamic and relationships in the house. We have to make sure the owner is going to be established as the leader, so the dogs look to the owner for guidance on what to do and how to act. Believe it or not, but this relives SO much anxiety for the dogs, because they don’t have to worry about making decisions on how to act or respond. They know what to do because they have been taught, and if they don’t know they look to their owner for direction.

By the Bay Dog Training has successfully corrected sibling aggression cases with our 30 year proven dog training protocol. If your household is struggling with a sibling aggression problem, call us right away! The sooner it’s addressed the better off everyone is. Remember, the more fights and altercations that happen, the more tension builds and the harder it becomes to fix.

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