San Francisco Dog Training – First Blog Post!

San Francisco Dog Training Blog!I always say that a dog’s behavior is not decided by his/her breed, and that’s true. In the end, a dog’s behavior depends on the teachings of the owner and the assisting trainer. However, certain breeds are more prone to certain problems, and sometimes it goes back to the same argument when it comes general behavior: nature vs nurture. Pit bulls and Rottweilers might tend to show more aggressive tendencies, yet at the same time, some of the most docile “gentle giants” are these very same breeds. When you think of Labradors, some people think of excessive jumping or chewing on your newest pair of shoes. But no matter what breed or behavioral problem is present, I can help curb any bad habit or issue, even if they seem to be permanent fixtures of your dog’s personality.

Dog training is all about setting boundaries, communicating those boundaries, and then teaching the dog to make the right decision on his/her own. When your dog needs nothing more than a gentle nudge in the right direction or recognizes correct behavior from incorrect behavior without needing to be told, you know you’ve found success. But it’s easier said than done, right? Exactly how do we achieve this?

Setting boundaries can be achieved by eliminating roaming, putting your dog on a set schedule, and by setting actual physical boundaries. I’m a big fan of “place” training, which essentially gives your dog a calm down corner, a place for him/her to retreat to if your dog gets too aggressive, hyperactive, or begins exhibiting excessive behaviors like chewing, digging, and barking. The “place” is associated with calm, appropriate behavior, and there are no negative connotations attached to it. Just like a dog’s bed or crate, the “place” will be a positive, happy spot for the dog.

Effective communication can be achieved through proper leash handling techniques and basic obedience training. Basic obedience training is a valuable tool that is often underestimated. By teaching your dog basic commands, you are teaching him/her to listen to and focus on you, you’re establishing a bond of trust and respect, and you’re developing confidence that can be used later on to curb any new behavioral problems, often without needing to call on a trainer for additional help.

Once your dog understands what is expected of him/her, and once he/she learns that you are the leader of the pack, he/she will begin making the ideal decision instead of giving into bad habits.

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