Board and Train vs. In-Home Training

What is a Board and Train Program?

Board and Train has become a very popular type of dog training program in recent years and it’s no wonder.  In essence, you hand your dog over to a dog trainer who boards the dog in a facility or their own home (in some cases), and trains the dog for a couple of weeks. Most board and train programs will teach obedience, behavior modification and have an aggression rehabilitation program (all trainers and their programs vary on a case-by-case basis).  After the program is complete, they give you your dog back and your dog is trained. You do no work! Seems almost too good to be true.

By the Bay Dog Training in Palo Alto proudly offers in-home training instead of board and training

What is an In-Home Training Program and How Does it Compare?

An In-home training program is exactly what it sounds like. It is when a dog trainer comes to your home, assess’ your dog’s behavior and carries out the training in the comfort of your home. Programs will normally focus on the interactions between your family and the dog, and taylor their training towards your specific situation. Dog owners will be included throughout the training and relied upon to increase their skills as a dog owner. Most in-home programs will start inside and eventually work toward training outside of the house. This gives them experience training with real world situations, with real world distractions.

The main differences between board and train programs and in-home programs are time, price and the amount of involvement from owner.

In-home training programs make the owner the centerpiece of the training. It requires the dog owner to obtain knowledge and new skills and stay involved throughout the process. These programs take much more time than board and trains,  but they are also more personalized to your dog’s needs. Usually the dog trainer schedules each lesson with a week in between, so the owner and dog can work on specific things throughout the week. The entire process can last from two to ten weeks depending on the program and severity of your dog’s issue. On the other hand, board and train programs have little involvement from the dog owner and relies on dog owners to stick to follow-up instructions given by the trainer. These programs are usually not more than a week or two in length, but are usually more expensive than in-home programs. This is due to paying for them to house your dog in a facility, feed your dog and train your dog. While in-home training programs you are just paying for the training.

With all that said, my Palo Alto dog training is in-home because I WANT owners to be a part of their dog’s behavioral progress and success! I want the owners to find the joy and knowledge of being capable handlers and teachers for their dogs!  I set my training up so you and the dog cannot lose. My in-home dog training is commitment and results-based. I will commit to working with your dog until we reach all their training goals, no questions asked!

This is not to say board and train programs do not work. In some situations these programs are no doubt the best choice, but it is common to have a disconnect between the owner and the dog after the training is complete. In my experience, this can be attributed to the dog owner’s lack of communication skills and/or not fully understanding how to use the dog’s new training.

If in-home training sounds like the right choice for you, call me at 800-649-7297. We’ll work with your dog together, and create the best training plan best suited for both you and your dog!